Standpoints [noun]

Definition of Standpoints:

belief, position

Synonyms of Standpoints:

Opposite/Antonyms of Standpoints:


Sentence/Example of Standpoints:

The standpoint of the former is logical; that of the latter psychological.

We have been viewing the youth from the standpoint of his fellow-students.

He judges Dick from the standpoint of his own sober middle age.

And how about the railroads from the standpoint of private enterprise?

From our standpoint they may have been wasteful methods, but they did get results.

But from our standpoint it is their hygienic importance that is insisted upon.

It is not at all difficult to understand the Buddhist standpoint in the matter.

He then proceeds to discuss the question from the standpoint of pure reason.

From the standpoint of painting, however, this period has marked individuality.

Certainly, the standpoint of the Greek was the exact opposite.