Stanza [noun]

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A stanza, the final one of that masterpiece, has been preserved.

In this stanza Rhuvawn is celebrated as pious, valiant, and hospitable.

“Nodi,” may also have reference to “nod” in the third line of the stanza.

The eagle was probably the armorial badge of the hero of this stanza.

That stanza, as it stands above, does not occur in any of the extant quasi-originals.

"I wonder whether they sing the sixth stanza," said Frank curiously.

They greet you with a stanza in return For any food or hospitality.

I shall only sing one stanza of this ballad—it's too sentimental.

Beneath each sketch was a stanza of my godmother's own composing.

The notable deed of Witherington (stanza 54) has many parallels.