Starchy [adjective]

Definition of Starchy:

formal, stiff

Synonyms of Starchy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Starchy:


Sentence/Example of Starchy:

It will be a starchy book; the dedication will be worth the price of the volume.

Why must the starchy foods be changed in the body into sugar, or glucose?

Repeat, examining a drop of starchy water washed from flour.

He kissed her and wiped her eyes with the end of her starchy apron.

It is the starchy pith of a kind of palm-tree—the sago-palm.

There was a short pause, broken only by the faint crackling of starchy petticoats.

The king's duds was all black, and he did look real swell and starchy.

As he passed into the hall, he heard the starchy approach of Porter.

Cornstarch is the starchy portion only removed from the grain of corn.

They tasted like a starchy paste made from impalpable flour.