Started [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Started:

Eudora started, when she saw the well-known writing of Philæmon.

The pails were provided, and Robert started on his expedition.

He called a cab for the old man, and saw him started safely off up-town.

An employee who had come down with them started to be their guide.

The boy shouldered the carpetbag and started in advance, Robert following.

He had started on the return journey, and was only a mile from Yuin when we overtook him.

We started from Perth on the afternoon of Wednesday, the 30th of March, 1870.

On the 14th, therefore, we started, carrying with us about thirty gallons of water.

He started at the words, and looked eagerly in her face for an explanation.

And if I'd known as much about you then as I know now, I'd never have started to hound you.