Starter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Starter:

The Starter made answer with a smile of good-humored tolerance.

What could be more noble than the start and the starter of Christianity?

For a starter, then, takin' your say-so for it, you're a Southern man?'

Opened an account in my name, and fatted it up good and sweet, as a starter.

She was fussing with the starter by this time, but she smiled up at him and shook her head.

The starter announced the race, and ordered the contestants to the head of the course.

He had no starter on his bug; he had in his embarrassment to get out and crank.

It's here in black and white, Travis,” said the starter, “You made it yourself.

“I had to pull my mare double to stop her,” he called to the starter.

Hurriedly, he jabbed the starter button, pumped the gas pedal.