Startle [verb]

Definition of Startle:

frighten, surprise

Synonyms of Startle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Startle:

Sentence/Example of Startle:

I expect to learn something that will startle the Director of Police.

The desire had been strong enough to startle him, to warn him.

If the old man made no will, I'll maybe have summat to say as may startle them a gay bit.

It did not startle him; indeed, he was in a mood when nothing could have caused him wonder.

On a question so vast and vital you are bound to startle by any little measure.

Oh, my dear,” exclaimed Mrs. Malling, “how you did startle me.

The swiftness of the movement was aggressive enough to startle.

I say I caught myself, but enough had escaped to startle the man.

I saw you right enough, but I had no intention to startle anybody.

But really nothing in the world could astonish or startle old Jorgenson.