Startled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Startled:

She was studying her material; and it must be confessed that they startled her not a little.

Yet there had been a look on her face when she saw those two which startled and hurt him.

She had not seen the boy for two months, and the change in him startled her.

Out of the tail of his eye he could see that the rest of the Council were startled.

This outburst from Mrs. Porter startled the girl; it was so passionate, so vehement.

How would the first accent of his iron tongue have startled his resurrectionists!

There was nothing in the coat now that could possibly have startled the girl or annoyed her.

She was startled and stood quietly, but breathing more quickly.

The Chevrotte was gaily singing, and she plunged into it like a startled fawn.

But the issue of Kniggrtz startled Napoleon and set France in ferment.