Starves [verb]

Definition of Starves:

hold back from doing

Synonyms of Starves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Starves:

Sentence/Example of Starves:

We would do anything in our power for Sergeant Wilde and for the cause, but we cannot starve!'

Old, a lot of them, and gettin' well to go out and starve, and—My God!

You may hang a man if you like, but you have no right to starve him.

Content to starve, content to freeze, if only he need not be carried into captivity.

Leaving me here hungry and thirsty and tired, to starve, for anything they care!

Mr. Vernon's heart, hungry for the first time, had to starve.

We starve, and deserve to starve, if we do not work to get them.

And as for money, that is so you will not starve while you read my books and listen to me talk.

Then do you want to go back and stay on the dock and starve?

They saw their own countrymen who had been fighting for them, starving, and they let them starve!