Statecraft [noun]

Definition of Statecraft:

art and science of administration of government

Opposite/Antonyms of Statecraft:


Sentence/Example of Statecraft:

It was received graciously, and Henry's reply was a masterly piece of statecraft.

It is true that statecraft must make human nature its basis.

This reversal is pregnant with a new outlook for statecraft.

That a statecraft might deal with the tariff as an aid to its purposes is evident.

Perhaps he was right; with his statecraft it may well be that he could have done no other than what he did.

Never was the writer's statecraft unfolded to greater daring.

It is statecraft that is wanted, not politics or religious dogma.

This was one of the greatest strokes of statecraft ever devised.

The instinct of the nation was wiser than the statecraft of the king.

You certainly handled the detective with European statecraft.