Statehouse [noun]

Definition of Statehouse:

building or buildings housing chief governmental offices

Synonyms of Statehouse:

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Sentence/Example of Statehouse:

On the way to the Statehouse in the aircar, I kept wondering just how smart I had been.

He went to the statehouse, and to the senate chamber, and asked to see Senator Bryant.

I hold nothin' against you, but it wasn't any more my fault than the statehouse!

The fourth statehouse, which seems to have been built on the foundations of the third, was destroyed by fire in 1698.

When the Governor realized that resistance would be useless, he ordered the guns to be dismantled, and returned to the statehouse.

Drummond to his, Bacon to the little church, others to Berkeley's five houses, and the statehouse.

It was on October 21, 1698, that a fire broke out in the statehouse at Jamestown which in a few hours laid the building in ashes.

Among these may be found the Liberty Bell, which hung in the tower of the statehouse for many years.

Independence Hall was built to be used as a statehouse for the colony of Pennsylvania.

The governor came down from the capital and most of the statehouse force came with him.