Stately [adjective]

Definition of Stately:

dignified, impressive

Synonyms of Stately:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stately:

Sentence/Example of Stately:

Over the octagonal window, too, such draperies fell in stately lines.

Eudora paced down the sidewalk with a magnificent, stately gait.

Stately priests in long chitons paced to the music of flutes.

Adv.: wsa fengel geatolc gengde, passed on in a stately manner, 1402.

The stately residence of Monseigneur was altogether blighted and deserted.

People understood that Tellson's, in a stately way, tolerated the odd-job-man.

Oh, how stately the hollyhocks towered on the borders of the shrubbery!

A battle should be like a stately minuet, with no loss of dignity or of etiquette.'

He was tall and stout, and carried himself in what seemed to me a stately manner.

He was the mightiest man of valor in that same day of this our life, stalwart and stately.