Statements [noun]

Definition of Statements:

declaration, assertion

Opposite/Antonyms of Statements:

Sentence/Example of Statements:

The general probability of his statements could not, unfortunately be gainsaid.

It will be observed that I take as historic records the statements of the Bible.

She could be direct enough in her statements when what she said was going to hurt a fellow.

Same tone as if trying his best to encourage the witness in his statements.

These statements were then received with a stormy manifestation of incredulity.

I am aware that what I am now saying appears to be in contradiction with my other statements.

These statements are either utterly untrue or greatly misleading.

Both these statements are false: she is sensual in another manner.

Ethnography teaches us, however, that these statements are of little value.

And so, they dared not offend the Arrillians by questioning the veracity of their statements.