Stateroom [noun]

Definition of Stateroom:

room for large affairs

Synonyms of Stateroom:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stateroom:


Sentence/Example of Stateroom:

There in his stateroom, cornered, he received me with a grim reluctance.

"True," she said coolly, pausing before the door of her stateroom.

Labe fenced off half the cellar to make a stateroom for the pig.

Got a stateroom all to yourself; name on the door, and everything complete.

A few minutes afterwards he went into his stateroom and shut the door.

He slugged his way free and fled to the safety of his stateroom.

She said very few words, and passed at once into her stateroom with Mr. W.

In this stateroom the pseudo-wife slept, of course, every night.

Imprisoned in his stateroom, Winford threw himself on his bunk.

"You might get your stateroom steward to take a message," the man suggested.