States [noun]

Definition of States:

condition or mode of being

Opposite/Antonyms of States:

Sentence/Example of States:

They are the preservation of the rights of the several States and the integrity of the Union.

It speaks to us through the processes of governing in the sovereignties of 48 States.

The same thing has often happened from the same cause in Christian states.

Men in all states seem to have much the same proportion of happiness.

Now we have no longer barriers to the circulation of the blood of States.

It was said that he had made a good deal of money by smuggling goods into the States.

In Sir John Rosss narrative, he states his surprise at the appetites of his guides.

There the Recorder of the States came to read the sentence to him.

He states that they pierced a plank, an inch thick, with a bullet made of mercury.

The Republicans were the stout defenders of what they called the rights of the States.