Statesmanship [noun]

Definition of Statesmanship:

affairs between national governments

Synonyms of Statesmanship:

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Sentence/Example of Statesmanship:

Rarely has there been exhibited so complete a combination of qualities in statesmanship.

The President was represented as an imbecile, utterly devoid of statesmanship.

But of statesmanship I know little, and of kingcraft nothing at all.

Such, we have been taught to believe, was the doctrine of the statesmanship of 1850.

These abstruser points of statesmanship are beyond my scope.

Surely such a work is not beyond the resources of statesmanship.

I have, let me say, the utmost confidence in Mr. Balfour's statesmanship.

Thus far he had seen nothing but eighteenth-century statesmanship.

When he did rise to speak, it was to vindicate Peel's honour and his statesmanship.

It is not only sovereignty but statesmanship as well that must reside in the people.