Station [noun]

Definition of Station:

headquarters, base

Synonyms of Station:

Opposite/Antonyms of Station:

Sentence/Example of Station:

They walked rapidly to the station, but too late, of course, for the train.

We are now within 140 miles from the nearest Adelaide station.

The quartette started for the station with Patience and Emma in the lead.

Along the route as, well as at the station, the party was cheered by a large crowd.

When the train pulled into the station she was the first person to board it.

There ought to be a taxicab just the other side of the station.

He had come from the station of Mr.——, where he was employed as stockman.

Hester, the major and Miss Dasomma followed the young couple to the station.

When Amy got to the station she found she was in time for the first train of the day.

Amy had walked all the long distance from the station and more, for she had lost her way.