Stationed [verb]

Definition of Stationed:

place at a location

Synonyms of Stationed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stationed:

Sentence/Example of Stationed:

I would come with you, but sooth to say I am stationed here and may not move.

I was stationed at the braces, and quartered at the long thirty-two as second loader.

The general knew all about that, because his son was stationed in the Citadel.

She stationed herself in the entry, to lose no step in his familiar progress.

Johnson was stationed in the powder-magazine, in charge of the cord which held the bait.

Priests are ever stationed there, ready to confess penitents in every language.

She had been betrothed to a soldier whose regiment was stationed in the Burg.

This was the first occasion on which any portion of the corps was stationed in that island.

She was speculating as to what might happen with Fyles stationed here in Rocky Springs.

It was stationed at Kragujevatz, where it was given a hospital of 250 beds.