Stats [noun]

Definition of Stats:

mechanical image produced from a copier; making the image

Synonyms of Stats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stats:

Sentence/Example of Stats:

The alarming consequences of this doctrine led to the passing of stat.

She began to make the three ritual entrechats, but Stat stopped her.

When she set down on the Stat field she would be flaming a banner of trouble.

This definition is borrowed from the ancient Law of England, Stat.

It loves the fig-trees with nothing but leaves; it adores the stat magni nominis umbra.

The custom of setting the assize in the city continued until 1822, when it was abolished by Stat.

In the background is the range of mountains, among which Stat is conspicuous from his noble and irregular shape.

The expression of shocked surprise was still on his face as the stat gun blast took him squarely in the chest.

But this priviledge of Authorizing or Licensing, is taken away by the Stat.

These words in the above section printed in italics were subsequently repealed by Stat.