Statuettes [noun]

Definition of Statuettes:

imitation, replica

Synonyms of Statuettes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Statuettes:

Sentence/Example of Statuettes:

Anderson turned away from him and regarded the statuette gravely.

Carefully he placed the object between the beer keg and the statuette.

And that statuette would never be any good, try as he might.

He's asked me to make a statuette of his daughter on horseback.

I might, perhaps, do a statuette of her; if I did, you should have a cast.

The prince paid for the statuette; but he did not expect the statuette to pay him.

Yet that Memnon was flattered by the notice of that statuette; he says so—says so himself.

With a statuette here, and a portrait there, he managed to get along.

Vivian Bell examined the statuette which Dechartre had left on the table.

It is the history of this statuette which we propose to relate.