Staunch [adjective]

Definition of Staunch:

resolute, dependable

Synonyms of Staunch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Staunch:

Sentence/Example of Staunch:

The staunch old gentleman was still in his trust; had never left it.

Pee-wee's loyalty was so staunch that he did not even consider the things his aunt had said.

Decimus Saxon is staunch, though, and that word shall never be spoken.'

There was the corner grocer, too, with whom I pretended to be staunch friends.

If you ever acted like staunch fellows, you will do so to-day.

His name was Leroy, and we have his own word for it that he was a staunch patriot.

"But he looks like a sansculotte, madame," the staunch fellow warned her.

He was saying how true and staunch the Irish always showed themselves.'

He seems to be trying to staunch his sorrow, only he does it by love and service.

But the blue were staunch and seasoned troops; they reformed, they cheered.