Steadied [verb]

Definition of Steadied:

balance, suspend

Synonyms of Steadied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steadied:

Sentence/Example of Steadied:

I steadied my nerves with a tiny glass of Curaoa, and looked again.

He steadied himself with an effort, and looking again saw that she was alone.

And Eleanore was smiling—in a way that steadied me in a flash.

It was obvious that they were to haul as the tree, steadied by the guides, began to fall.

Rabecque gripped him by the shoulder, and steadied him with a hand that hurt.

She pressed her lips together, and steadied herself resolutely.

And it was not their presence so much as the necessity for action that restrained and steadied her.

He steadied himself, and the words began to take form before him.

Captain Whalley steadied the trembling of his limbs by an effort.

She caught hold of the back of the chair and steadied herself.