Steadier [adjective]

Definition of Steadier:

stable, fixed

Opposite/Antonyms of Steadier:

Sentence/Example of Steadier:

His eyes, round and full and steady, taxed her with falsehood, with hypocrisy.

She stopped the running and meditated with a steady, hard deliberation.

Dozier kept Gray Peter at a steady pace, never varying his gait.

In the next room the voices of the four were a steady, rumbling murmur.

That sort o' trade, ye see, miss, the demand's not steady in it.

As he grows weary, he grasps the straps on either side to steady him.

A steady hand and a true eye, boys; so let two quarts be a bowman's portion.

One might still have friends, big and strong, steady of eye and voice.

Dear K., with his steady eyes and his long surgeon's fingers!

All that remained to him was to keep a cool head, a steady nerve, and wait.