Steal [verb]

Definition of Steal:

take something without permission

Opposite/Antonyms of Steal:

Sentence/Example of Steal:

If I cannot find one, I will earn, beg or steal the money to get them printed.

I steal into his sleep, and play my part among the figures of his dreams.

It never occurred to her that the girl might have been tempted to steal—and had not resisted the temptation.

There are hundreds of them who steal because they don't get enough to eat.

Sleep did not steal upon the sisters at one and the same time.

They thought, perhaps, they could steal away from the town unnoticed.

At all events such a dream is much better than to steal sugar and to be impertinent.

They are thieves—they will steal from you before your very face, so devoid are they of all shame.

Thereafter we must hide during the days, and steal down the river at night.

This obliges me now-and-then to steal an hour, as I may say, and not let her know how I am employed.