Stealer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stealer:

You are young to be a stealer of women;––the saints send you a whiter road!

I remember the time when such a head would have started a stealer anywhere.

The stealer was rewarded with a pension, the keeper's recompense is—to come.

"The woman is a stealer," she added to her breathless recital.

He is commonly a stealer of Horses, which they terme a Priggar of Paulfreys.

You are not by nature a criminal and a stealer of women, I know.

The "difficulty" was, in plain English, that it had been stolen from the Indians at some peril to the stealer's scalp.

One of the cards bore these words: 'Much-respected Deputy and collar-sewer—or stealer.'

It was not possible that this was a bad man, a stealer of children, a pilferer of old men's cupboards.

The stealer refuses, and puts them behind her and stands on her defence.