Stealth [noun]

Definition of Stealth:


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Sentence/Example of Stealth:

He drew no water but by stealth and under the cloak of night.

We do good by stealth, and blush to have it mentioned in our little bills.

Some of our clergy have slipt in by stealth now and then; but they have got up a farce of their own.

Of course for this action to be successful, it had to be performed with the stealth of sneak-thieves.

But they planned on carrying out their investigations by stealth.

Clearly the only thing to do was to attempt to get the box from him by stealth.

By peaked we must understand "stole" or got admission by stealth.

I can hope to succeed only by stealth, else a thousand men would come with me.

You move through the thickets with the stealth and grace of an elephant!

It was after the Inca Huascar had been slain by stealth with a traitor's knife.