Stealthy [adjective]

Definition of Stealthy:

quiet and secretive

Synonyms of Stealthy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stealthy:



Sentence/Example of Stealthy:

The girl looked up for a second with another of her fleeting, stealthy glances.

Mingwe was the name by which they were known to other tribes, and means "stealthy," "treacherous."

Full into the firelight, with a stealthy, sidelong movement, glided a doglike animal.

He was repulsive; he was stealthy, hard, cruel, in appearance.

The door was pushed open, and I caught the advance of a stealthy step.

A sort of stealthy fierceness had crept into our hurried mutters.

But I fed the hunger of my heart on short glances and stealthy words.

But this cold and stealthy approach, this weary watching, I could not bear.

Susan came in stealthy, pale, trembling with cold and fright.

There they heard the stealthy footsteps of midnight marauders on board.