Steamboat [noun]

Definition of Steamboat:

vehicle for water travel

Synonyms of Steamboat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steamboat:


Sentence/Example of Steamboat:

The same that dove with the young woman under the steamboat paddles.

Next summer a steamboat was fitted out for the purpose, and the cable was submerged.

Mr. Martin then went to Detroit, where he worked a year on the steamboat Wisconsin.

When the steamboat arrived at Dawson, White Fang went ashore.

But he conceived the idea of a steamboat and set to work to make one.

"Now I see why the steamboat did not notice us," exclaimed Tom.

They went back by the Thames steamboat from some landing stage among the docks.

This isn't the steamboat; this is—is a weddin' or somethin'.

I feel as if I was goin' to France in a baby carriage, not a steamboat.

There was no steamboat to Mount Ascension Island until the next day.