Steamed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Steamed:

In from the shining sea late that afternoon steamed the Viluca.

This also holds true in the case of puddings that are to be steamed.

Mr Pancks put on his hat that moment, and steamed away to Pentonville.

They reversed their engines and steamed off into the open sea with all possible speed.

Of course, everybody thought she must see them, but still she steamed westward.

Carrying a party of invited guests, the Clermont steamed off at one o'clock.

At noon we had steamed 184 miles, and were 471 miles distant from Great Coco, in lat.

By noon we had steamed eighty-seven miles since leaving Kudat.

At noon we had steamed sixty-three miles and sailed twenty-one.

These tubes are inserted in the vent holes of the battery which is to be steamed.