Steamers [noun]

Definition of Steamers:

metal pot

Synonyms of Steamers:

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Sentence/Example of Steamers:

Wrap in a strip of gauze or cheesecloth and place in a steamer.

The daily paper would mean the daily steamer or the daily train.

And you were going home that night we made you miss your steamer!

Yet he was conscious that his will was weakening; that he did not mean to go down to the steamer just yet.

The steamer's deck was covered with ice, over which sand had been strewn.

That is the reason your steamer chair was broken, Miss Earle.

His hand stole under the steamer rugs and imprisoned her own.

I am going to take the steamer chair and do it up in ribbons when I get ashore.

"Look at the women on board this steamer," he cried indignantly.

Behind we could not see either the Dartonia or the German steamer.