Steamiest [adjective]

Definition of Steamiest:

giving off vapors

Synonyms of Steamiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steamiest:


Sentence/Example of Steamiest:

There was still enough light in the steamy cabin to discern objects.

A formless cloud of gray fog blew into the warm, steamy room.

The baby should remain in this steamy atmosphere ten minutes at a time.

The atmosphere was as steamy, as dense and as aromatic as before.

I wonder that you have kept your health as well as you have, in this steamy climate.

Perhaps it was seeing all this through the steamy, misty rain.

Even the West-end was hot and steamy on that broiling August day.

In a steamy, ice-rimmed volcano's throat on a desolate top of the world!

It is as hot as fire here, and the park has that steamy smell that a hothouse has.

The air was steamy and hot, and I was surrounded by something which chained every part.