Steams [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Steams:

It was imagined that it was necessary to expel it by means of heat or steam.

The sound was exactly that of steam roaring from a locomotive's safety valve.

A steam dahabeah is what we want, so we won't be at the mercy of the wind.

There were no passengers on board the steam dahabeah Mamoudieh.

The atmosphere was stifling as a night in the rains by reason of the steam and the crowd.

I could get steam up mighty quick with that gas arrangement.

If one has not steam one uses the river to turn the mill-wheel.

Steam, in all its applications, was argued against and rejected; yet it has prevailed.

I should infer from all I hear that he has got the steam up.

"We'll have steam up in an hour," he announced, glancing up at the funnel.