Steely [adjective]

Definition of Steely:


Opposite/Antonyms of Steely:

Sentence/Example of Steely:

Every word fell from him with a quiet and steely deliberation.

He spoke again, still calm but with a new, steely note in his voice.

He watched her, his body eager, his soul trammelling it with a steely restraint.

Then I remarked the steely glitter of his eyes as he turned to me.

"Timberlake is after us," said Jesse, with a steely glitter in his eyes.

There was a steely glint in the man's eyes, and his voice grated harshly.

In his turn he shot a glance at the red-beard from his steely eyes.

He probably hated as much as Thoreau, and in his steely way admired as much.

Keralio, still counting, fixed his assistant with steely, piercing eyes.

She looked up into Graves's face and the steely eyes softened.