Steepness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Steepness:

On its northern side, the steepness of the hill formed the only defence.'

The weather was rough, and the height and steepness discouraged us.

The steepness of the precipice was guard enough near the town.

The steepness of the declivity made it necessary for Orso to dismount.

He would doubtless have run had it not been for the steepness of the earlier ascents.

He seemed not to observe the steepness and roughness of the trail.

For a few moments I was breathless—but not from the steepness of the ascent.

But we didn't mind the steepness so long as the enemy wasn't anywhar's about.

But that story rather exaggerates the height and steepness of the hill.

The screen of woods and the steepness of the incline protected them now.