Steles [noun]

Definition of Steles:

monument, testimonial in honor, praise

Synonyms of Steles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steles:


Sentence/Example of Steles:

The seuenthe (eighth), to stele nor depryue no mannes goodes by thefte.

The Aristion stele may be taken as an example of the second order.

Here there was formerly an altar; and a stele of Thtmosis IV.

Of the 282 laws once carved upon the stele, all are still legible.

On another, a later Egyptian stele, the tree of life is the sycamore.

Lindsay got up and strode toward the microphone by the stele.

A spiral of green symbols began to circle the stele, then a spiral of yellow.

The stele from the Borgia collection, at present in Naples, resembles it in general style.

The stele of Jehawmelek, king of Gebal, found here, is one of the most important of Phoenician monuments.

The celebrated Israel stele from this temple is his principal inscription.