Stemmed [verb]

Definition of Stemmed:

come from

Synonyms of Stemmed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stemmed:

Sentence/Example of Stemmed:

She stemmed the flood of his protestations with a hand on his arm.

It was contentment, and it stemmed from the basic emotion love.

The popular feeling was so strong that Pitt could not have stemmed it if he would.

She stemmed and stemmed until her hands were sticky and her fingers ached.

She stemmed both hands on it as if finding the support necessary.

Oh, if he had but considered in time; if he had but stemmed this flood at its source!

This roused the storekeeper to a burst of protest, but he stemmed it.

Mrs Henderson calmed down, and the torrent of her abuse was stemmed.

He rose to power in 1758; and at once stemmed the tide of disaster to France.

But the tide could no longer be stemmed and in rushed Mme. Nalasky.