Stemming [verb]

Definition of Stemming:

come from

Synonyms of Stemming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stemming:

Sentence/Example of Stemming:

And she, stemming her fears once more, ran to do his bidding.

At last he was stemming the strong tide-rip off Brimstone Point.

After the bristles are ready, the next thing is to make the stemming.

He went to the window and leaned out, stemming his hands on the sill.

I left them stemming the gulf stream with a beautiful breeze.

I tried to incline him to the calmer paths of life; but it was stemming a torrent.

You can now stop either by stemming alone or by stemming and turning.

The term “stemming” may be used in several different senses.

Her progress was slow, for she was now stemming the current.

There was no stopping or stemming the sweep of the men of Munster.