Stench [noun]

Definition of Stench:

foul odor

Synonyms of Stench:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stench:

Sentence/Example of Stench:

The dust, the smoke, and the stench of the powder were suffocating.

Fog, and drizzle, and smoke, and stench composed the atmosphere.

Stench of fat kitchens, of soft bubbling alleys, of gleaming refuse.

And I don't like the stench of that kind of cop in my place.

At the vesper hour, there came an eighth, the stench of which was horrible.

The place reeked with corruption and filth, and the stench was almost unbearable.

He named it bromine (stench) because of its unbearable fumes.

Rawling gasped, sick of this ugliness, dizzy with the stench of powder and brandy.

The wind came to them full of a stench of latrines and of the exhaust of motors.

It crawled on and on, and a stench rose from it that poisoned the morning air.