Stencil [noun]

Definition of Stencil:

design, motif

Synonyms of Stencil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stencil:

Sentence/Example of Stencil:

You should have a set of stencil letters and mark every battery you rebuild or repair.

Often, too, they were coloured by stencil plates or freely by hand.

When it is to be used with a stencil it must be made thicker than when it is used with a brush.

Then the stencil had to be taken from the roller that the latter might be inked again.

Only the parts unprotected by the stencil will take the colour.

Put in the hem so that the stencil will be sure to be straight.

I am sure you will agree with me when you know how to stencil.

Replace the stencil, fitting a section of it to the finished work.

Some appropriate design, in a grayed color, may be put on with stencil if desired.

First procure a small sheet of "stencil sheet copper," about 1 in.