Stenography [noun]

Definition of Stenography:


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Sentence/Example of Stenography:

If you want me to, I'll go at stenography and typewriting at once.

But I don't know a blooming thing about stenography or typewriting.

Athalie coloured and laughed: "Thank you, but I had rather work at stenography."

What she ought to do is to take a course in stenography and shorthand.

Had he been proficient in stenography, he could have done it in seven minutes.

One of the modes of escape which he attempted was stenography.

He had published a remarkably concise system of Stenography.

It would take her hardly any time to conquer the mysteries of stenography.

She goes into journalism, stenography or the office of a magazine.

I think she uses Munson's which she considers a good system of stenography.