Stepbrother [noun]

Definition of Stepbrother:

member of a family

Synonyms of Stepbrother:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stepbrother:


Sentence/Example of Stepbrother:

This stepbrother of his was the only tie he had and of course that is not a blood tie.

This man in the hotel dining room could not be his stepbrother.

It was not a car like Uncle Clem's—not even a stepbrother to it.

He, too, was only stepson and stepbrother to the family he fathered.

The remarks about her dependence on her stepbrother slid from her very lightly.

Lincoln had his stepbrother, Johnston, first stand "the brunt" of the contest.

The stepbrother and James had not been on terms of effusive cordiality.

The sun sure rises and sets for her in that b'y—an' him only her stepbrother at that!

Fenneben's only a stepbrother and the West made a man of him.

Your stepbrother, Mark Manning, enjoys the same advantages as yourself, does he not?