Steppe [noun]

Definition of Steppe:

large plain

Synonyms of Steppe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steppe:


Sentence/Example of Steppe:

Returning home, I mounted on horseback and galloped to the steppe.

For they multiply like lice, and are as poisonous as the snakes that crawl in the steppe of Muhan.

He wished to employ them in training and enlightening the rude tribes of the steppe.

The transition from the boulevards to the steppe was most refreshing.

I thought you all lay stiff on the steppe, by Ilbars River.'

Do you get a strong net and ride me out to the steppe where we first saw the bird.

Approaching it, he appeared to recognize his steppe and flocks.

He departed, and soon found her in the steppe, occupied in tending the sheep.

A portion of the Steppe now assumes the aspect of a vast inland sea.

Now and then a hare was started in the thick tufts of steppe grass.