Steps [noun]

Definition of Steps:

pace of feet in walking

Synonyms of Steps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steps:


Sentence/Example of Steps:

This business attended to, Robert bent his steps to Mr. Paine's office.

The two bent their steps to the shore, and looked out to sea.

He quickened his steps, and was soon at the side of our hero.

The lady did as she was told, and they retraced their steps.

Surely those are not the steps that lead down toward the bath?

She then descended, and pausing at the great landing, heard other steps descending also.

He himself, she learned, had taken no steps to free himself from his present mode of life.

The steps suggested to meet this impending calamity were strange enough.

Behind him, like an electric force pushing him on, the outlaws watched his steps.

Behind him with steps as noiseless as his own came the three men to whom he had just given the message.