Stereo [noun]

Definition of Stereo:

stereo system

Synonyms of Stereo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stereo:


Sentence/Example of Stereo:

I took Thorndyke's card out of my pocket and looked at the stereo.

Remember that stereo shot we had taken just before we left Mars?

The stereo house was open, and the little shops were brightly lighted.

I can read your thoughts as though they were flashed on a stereo screen!

He stood at the bar for nearly half an hour, watching the stereo and waiting.

The mantel sank to ground level and the stereo swung outward, bringing into view a shining cubical locker of beryllium steel.

By an oversight a stereo of the penny value was dropped into the fourpenny plate and a fourpenny into the penny plate.

As soon as Tom and Astro could tear away from the stereo reporter, they were mobbed by the onlookers who clamored for autographs.

They took no notice of the stereo reporter who was focusing his camera on their efforts to force open the portal on the chamber.

Mag-istiryu giyud nà siyag magtuun, He always studies with stereo music on.