Sterility [noun]

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It matters not one whit whether this sterility is universal, or whether it exists only in a single case.

And is there, think you, no way of serving God but in the sterility of the cloister?

She went to him and asked him if he could cure her sterility.

Laws governing the Sterility of first Crosses and of Hybrids.

Here discuss what is a species, sterility can most rarely be told when crossed.

He who will explain these latter cases will be able to explain the sterility of hybrids.

They vanished, less on account of man's cruelty than by reason of their own sterility.

The latter complication is a most common cause of sterility in men.

This, I believe, is one reason for the sterility of America in Art.

I am sorry you should have given yourself the trouble to answer my ideas on sterility.