Sterilizer [noun]

Definition of Sterilizer:

decontaminating agent

Synonyms of Sterilizer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sterilizer:


Sentence/Example of Sterilizer:

After this they are taken out of the sterilizer, and are ready for distribution.

The nurse gathered up the last of the instruments and threw them in the sterilizer.

The jars should be immediately placed in the sterilizer after being packed.

Steam rose in increased mists as one figure lifted back the lid of a sterilizer and dropped in some gleaming instruments.

Consult time table and at the end of the required sterilizing period remove the jars from the sterilizer.

Any large receptacle that will hold sufficient water may be used as a sterilizer.

If the filled jars have cooled, they should be warmed before placing them in the sterilizer by putting them in hot water.

While the food is undergoing preparation, fill the sterilizer with hot water and allow it to come to the boiling point.

The boiling time should be counted from the instant the water in the sterilizer begins to bubble violently.

In putting the jars of food into the sterilizer, place them upright and allow them to rest on the rack in the bottom.