Sterilizes [verb]

Definition of Sterilizes:

make clean or unproductive

Synonyms of Sterilizes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sterilizes:

Sentence/Example of Sterilizes:

Sterilize: to destroy all the germs or spores in or on anything.

In the field it is sometimes necessary to sterilize or filter water.

The mother should sterilize the wound as thoroughly as possible.

Some ligations and short resections have failed to sterilize.

Then sterilize your cans, and you won't have a bit of trouble.

The freezing of water in pond and river does not purify or sterilize it.

Already all of his lairs but one be sterilize as for him; and before the sunset this shall be so.

And so we have this day to hunt out all his lairs and sterilize them.

It is curious how the sea seems to sterilize the emotions in some natures.

So vast is the sea and so self-recuperating that man cannot sterilize it.