Sternness [noun]

Definition of Sternness:


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Sentence/Example of Sternness:

Just then, up came my father, with a sternness in his looks that made me tremble.

"Get out of this," he said, with the sternness of wrath suppressed.

The sternness of age and the austerity of censoriousness are now silent.

His thin lips tightened; the sternness of his ace increased.

Dr. Branner was as kind to his boys as he was stern when sternness was needed.

"You expect too much," she answered, with a touch that was almost of sternness.

As they rested upon her some of the sternness seemed to fade from their glance.

"That remains to be seen," Colonel John replied, a note of sternness in his voice.

Afterward this sternness seemed criminal; for my mind was made up.

It had dreaminess in it, intense attention, and something like sternness.