Stewardess [noun]

Definition of Stewardess:


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Sentence/Example of Stewardess:

Go and take a walk, and take the cook and stewardess with you.

I'm going to give the stewardess fifteen dollars for looking after her.

My dear, shall I call the stewardess, or one of your friends, to help you?

He drew back hastily and threw a quick glance at the stewardess.

The stewardess had prophesied correctly when she described the voyage as "choppy."

She usually rang for the stewardess early, but this morning of course there had been no ring.

Mary was a stewardess, and she tried to convert him on the way over.

I inquired of the stewardess for Kate, and was told that she was in her state-room.

Steward, send the stewardess to me, and help me into my cabin.

It was shut up by the stewardess, and has been left behind in the ship!