Stewards [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stewards:

"You must inquire of the stewards or of himself," was the constant reply.

"They've got to come off," and the Trainer dashed up the steps to the Stewards.

It seems there's hints of a job on, an' the Stewards have got the wrong end of the stick.

What's the matter, Mr. Crane—there's something going on up in the Stewards' Stand?

"There's trouble on, sir," said Dixon, as they moved toward the Stewards' box.

The investigation had been brought about by a note one of the Stewards had received.

If he'd been beat off, there'd been trouble; the Stewards have got the other race in their crop a bit yet.

One of the Stewards, following him with quick eyes, saw Mike and beckoned with a finger.

The stewards, following the example of their masters, obeyed at once.

And his stewards fell to distributing the stores at once, and serving up a banquet.