Sticker [adjective]

Definition of Sticker:

bare, thin

Synonyms of Sticker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sticker:

Sentence/Example of Sticker:

It's not in my line, but I think she's a sticker; I like to see perseverance.

He's a sticker, that's wot 'e is, and it's my misfortune that 'is mother takes after 'im.

This is also true of the office-beggar, or "sticker," as he calls himself.

It is this waiting so patiently that gives him his name of "sticker."

We expressed the hope that Bella Donna would prove a sticker.

No signs of light on the horizon yet; Fritzy is some sticker.

I show his drawing of the action--the Southwell sticker action.

Because Im a sticker, and never ran away like a sneak in my life, declared Andy strenuously.

She ran swiftly away, holding high her skirts on account of the sticker grass.

You can work your passage out, and I could get you into a store at Melbourne, and you're such a sticker, you'd be sure to get on.